Coral Reefs Threats

Coral Reefs Threats

Through the ecologic and evolutive process, the ability of coral reefs can recover from anomalous warming events as tropical storms and hurricanes, this disturbances have an important function on the structure of the biological coral reefs communities, but the biggest threats to coral reefs were from chronic human disturbances and it often show poor ability to recover from their irreversible damages on the ecosystems (Knowlton, 2013).

The results of coral reefs threats have been reduced their coral cover, degradation of reefs is due for the human impacts in local and global scales. Among the consequences of the human disturbances have induced the mortality of this communities resulting from the land-use change, sewage residuals, overfishing, invasive species, have made negative events on the structure and composition of this ecosystems, and it could affect the resilience or the recover capacity (Romero, 2017).





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