First Biennial Meeting of the MBRS Restoration Network - Akumal 2017

Akumal September 2017

The Reef Restoration Network is a nascent community of engaged researchers and organizations in the four countries. Oceanus was the lead organization in creating the Network, and an initial meeting in 2012.

In 2017, with the support of the Initiative, a first biennial meeting of the Reef Restoration Network took place in Akumal, Mexico. More than 60 experts and reef restoration practitioners, including national authorities of the four countries participated in the meeting. Key note speakers included experts from outstanding organizations such as, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund-US, Healthy Reef Initiative, Oceanus, the MAR Leadership Program and the Coral Reef Crime Science Investigation Program (CSI).

Results from this meeting include, the reactivation of the Network, the conformation of the Network´s Executive Committee, a first draft of the Statutes of the Network, a draft chronogram highlighting key activities for the next year, and maps depicting key sites for restoration. In addition, a website for the Network has been created and it is continuously improved.

Akumal Restoration Network Agenda 2017

Presentation Early warning protocol

Presentation Regenerative networks

Presentation Restoring Reef Ecosystem Health

Memory of the Agreements 2017 Biennial Meeting