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Reef Restoration Series

Introduction to Reef Restoration
MAR Fund

Coral reef restoration in Cayo Cochinos
Marcio Aronne , Fundación Cayo Cochinos, Honduras

Recommendations for Coral Reef Restoration
Christian Alva, GEF-PNUD-CONANP, México

Coral Reef Restoration Tips
Claudia Padilla, Instituto Nacional de Pesca, México

Tips for coral restoration
Lisa Carne, Framents of Hope

Coral restoration pilot project in Guatemala
Ana Giró, Healthy Reefs Initiative

Restoration of reefs in the Mexican Caribbean
Héctor Lizárraga y Baruch Figueroa, Centro Ecológico Akumal

Threats facing coral reefs
Tripp Funderburk , Bay Islands Reef Restoration

Coral restoration technique - Grid nurseries
Gabriela Nava – Oceanus A.C.

Experiences of Coral Reef Restoration in Honduras.
Ian Drysdale, Healthy Reefs Initiative. Honduras

Restoration Techniques Series

Warnings and Suggestions from Experts on Asexual Coral Reef Restoration

Coral Assisted Sexual Reproduction Technique

Technique of Asexual Reproduction of Corals, by fragmentation.

Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) Series

Mesoamerican Reef System
MAR Fund

MAR Fund

Fishing Refuges in the MAR
MAR Fund

Other videos of interest

A clear view of the largest Coral Reef Restoration project in Mexico carried out by Oceanus, A.C.

Learn Coral Restoration Skills: Volunteering with Expedition Akumal

Akumal Expedition Channel

Oceanus, A.C. Channel

Tulum, best known worldwide for its archaeological treasures and recognized as the walled city, is the owner of another type of natural wall located off its shores, formed by coral reefs, which have been severely impacted in recent years by the development of tourism, climate change, pollution, the spread of diseases, among other causes. Since 2013, Oceanus, A.C. in collaboration with the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas and the Cooperativa Turística Dorados of Playa Maya Tulum S.C. of R.L, groups committed and interested in the recovery of their reefs and to whom we thank infinitely for all their support in the activities of the Reef Restoration Program in the area.

Akumal Expedition Channel

Learn Coral Restoration Skills: Volunteering with Expedition Akumal

Oceanus, A.C. Channel